1st place at Changemakers Day Hackathon
People´s Choice Award at Smart Cities Hackathon 2.0
Parking Company (PaCo)

Parking system that allows replacement of parking meters across town.
App and scaner based system that interacts with license plate inspectors and final users.
Allows function with a phone message system when there is no smartphone with internet available.

How does the system works?

1. Inspectors use the app to scan license plates and upload them to a data base.
2. People register their license plates on the system through the app and pay the time used in a parking spot through their mobile phone.

Across the city parking meters are removed. (Goal: Avoid constant blocking of pedestrians and bike riders)
Where parking spots are allowed the sidewalk's edge is painted blue to identify the spaces.
Instead of putting some coins in the parking meter slot, the user just sends a message that contains his or her license plate and the time he or she will be using. 
The systems charges the price of the parking spot to the users' credit card OR to his text message balance. 

Users get constant reminders of the time they have left to leave the parking space.
If the time is running out they are given the option to pay th eextra time and avoid getting a parking ticket.

In collaboration with: Carlos Calderón, Gerado Espinoza, Germán Sánchez, Miguel Miranda y Gerardo Cruz.
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